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Carpet & Flooring

Company Profile

Carpet & Flooring Supplies the huge range of products like  Luxury plank, Wall To wall carpets, tile carpets, grass carpets, vinyl flooring, vinyl pvc flooring, laminate flooring, wooden flooring engineered flooring, WPC deck flooring, SPC flooring, PVC Plank flooring, tile flooring, pvc marble look flooring EPDM  rubber flooring, EPDNM tile flooring, Rubber granules Wall décor grass carpet, cricket turf, Door mats, bath mats, Glass films, Roller blinds, Wall papers, Yoga mats, Handmade Persian Woo & Silk carpet that is all premium quality products ,

Our persistent efforts & diligent  craftsmanship have enabled us to be counted amongst renowned Carpet & Floorings collections that i being putting by Architects/ Interiors, Engineers/ Builders/ Importers etc ,

Our stringent quality control system ensures that all figures are made under close personal supervision, and then inspected and packed by our highly skilled staff. The organization has an excellent service record of providing timely delivery of Projects whether it is Residential or Commercial,

Since its establishment, the company has been serving to meet the needs and requirements of customers all over Mumbai/ Maharashtra along with its professional approach to customer service, vast experience and the most competitive prices Hence it is reason behind that the our company Carpet & Flooring is the first preferred choice to the Architects/ Interiors/ Landscapers/ Builders & Engineers etc buyers in the Mumbai’s markets,

We do always put our best & the best efforts to full fill the customer’s requirement & on time Delivery of projects And of course that work generates more business for us.

Renowned & Reliable Wallpaper Supplier in Mumbai

Decorating a home is a work that outshines the look of any House or Apartment. Everyone wishes to design their Home with Vibrant and fabulous looking exteriors. To make your wish come true, you must try the services of astonishing wallpapers available at Carpet and Flooring. We are trustworthy Wallpaper Suppliers in Mumbai and bestow you with optimum wallpapers. Ultra-looking walls are definitive goal for the people that want brilliant walls with eye flattering colours. Regardless of whether it’s your kitchen territory requiring some genuine makeover or your dining area that needs some attention, we can furnish both with the right arrangements at the most sensible costs, around the market.

Quality & Even Looking Completion:

At the point when you shop with us, be sure of the highest calibre being rendered to you. We are the main backdrop and Wallpaper providers from Mumbai offering a wide scope of wallpaper assortment for rooms, workplaces, homes, business spaces and others. We have earned a gigantic reaction and love from our clients and customers for our committed administrations and quality-based items. Our own items are known for consistent completion and excellent standpoint once they have been applied.

While they are enough motivations to adhere to us and shop with us, here are a portion of the noticeable reasons why you ought to go for your Wallpaper needs: We give quality items at the most sensible costs over the market. We are well-known Wallpaper Suppliers in Mumbai that caters to every need of their client.

Ultra-Looking and Creative Wallpapers:

We give the best quality and structures that have been imported from worldwide creators. We have top-scored planners to get prints and examples of Wallpapers. Incredible completion is what we consider for our customer’s needs. We are renowned Wallpaper suppliers in Mumbai offering well finished & multiple choice of wallpapers. In addition, we offer Wallpapers in various hues, plans, a wide range of sizes and space-related materials at practical costs. Our team of dedicated professionals assists you with picking the best plans and backdrop classification. Wallpapers are a great option as they are Water Resistant, Variety of Designs, Vibrant Exterior, Sleek Look, Fantabulous Display, Finely & Well Polished Designs & many more.

Innovativeness and Finely Polished:

We are professional Wallpaper suppliers in Mumbai, and we are in the topmost choice of people who want rightly decorated and finely looking walls. Improve your home or lobbies with wallpapers that are one of a kind and invest in our assortment of backdrops. You can contact us through our site and check through the unlimited variety of Wallpapers. With such incredible assortments lying at one spot, you’ll discover something that consummately coordinates with your necessities, spending plans and inclinations.

We engage the innovativeness with our structures and consistently endeavours to offer what is best to your greatest advantage. We are one of the most trusted Wallpaper Suppliers in Mumbai that has been rendering quality services at cost-efficient rates.

Why Choose

  • Excellent in the right execution of wallpapers at minimal cost.
  • Quality Enriched Wallpapers with Waterproof exterior.
  • Cost Efficiency with Appealing quality.
  • Well created with amazing display look.
  • Multi Colour options with Fantabulous Designs.
  • Even look with Accuracy in Outlining of Designs.

About Us:

Carpet and Flooring is a premium level Company that creates innovative wallpapers of innumerable number of designs. We believe in quality, dedication and loyalty in every single work that we deliver. Our services are a proof that we excel in delivering the Best in class services at rate affordability.

Eminent & Trustworthy Roller Blinds Suppliers In Mumbai

Buying roller blinds? Then you might be looking for expert guidance. After all, when decorating a room, your mind is probably firmly focussed on choosing the perfect furniture, arguing over the wall colour or deciding which flooring is going to look amazing. We are one of the most trusted Roller Blinds Suppliers in Mumbai that have always rendered quality services. And while these all may be very important decisions, we think deciding how to dress your windows should also be up there on your decorating to do list.

Welcome to Classic Blinds your one stop shop at Carpet and Flooring for window blinds in Mumbai, wherein we deliver the finest quality at best market rates. Our window blinds are created with optimum quality resources that are tested by our Expert team. We at Carpet and Flooring are credible Roller Blinds Suppliers in Mumbai that have always delivered quality products at cost efficient rates. We are well established Roller Blinds Suppliers in Mumbai that are trusted among the whole city for their best quality deliverance.

It’s time to focus on minimal, modern and budget-friendly roller blinds. See our favourite roller blind finds – and find out how to measure up for your roller blinds. Find more guidance on choosing window blinds in our guide. We are trusted Roller Blinds Suppliers in Mumbai that are known for their quality services. We’ve also put together handier guides on how to choose window treatments. We’ve covered how to choose Venetian blinds, Roman blinds and loft blinds.


If you’re working with a smaller living room, kitchen, home office or bedroom, roller blinds are a wise choice. We are one of the most popular Roller Blinds Suppliers in Mumbai that deliver quality products at best market rates. Their simple, space-enhancing design fits closely to windows and (if you opt for a neutral colour) they tend to visually disappear, whether rolled up or down. They also won’t get caught on window sills, radiators or furniture as curtains tend to do.

Why choose us?

  • We offer quality products at reasonable prices. We cater for all tastes with our wide selection of fabrics – from calm creams and whites to vibrant reds and oranges.
  • We have a solution for any window – conservatory roofs, tilt and turn windows, bay windows, and all other types.
  • We not only have the perfect solution for your window blinds but we have a vast selection of readymade curtains and curtain poles to add the finishing touch to your room.
  • Why not choose your blinds in the comfort of your own home by arranging for our sales representative to give you a FREE no obligation quotation? Please contact us, or visit us at Carpet and Flooring.
  • We bring all our sample books and even display models to your home, and we can send samples in the post if required.

Who we are?

We are an independent company, which means we can offer you a much wider selection of blinds. You will find a lot of companies only offer pleated blinds, which are not the ideal solution in all applications. We are well known Roller Blind Suppliers in Mumbai that are known for their finest market rates. We can discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each type of product, and advise you on the perfect solution for your needs. Our friendly experienced representatives can advise you on colours and textures to match your furnishings, and also explain how we work to our best of the capability.