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Artificial grass carpet

Artificial Grass Carpet


Artificial Grass Suppliers in Mumbai

Carpet and Floorings is Superior and foremost dealers of Artificial Grass Suppliers in Mumbai. The Grass Carpet surfaces here, are manufactured, installed and maintained by Carpet and Floorings. We design, manufacture, install and maintain Grass Carpet. We standout for providing the best high quality performance and durable artificial Grass to our Clients across Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Our team owes it to our enriched industrial experiences; we are always motivated towards providing a wide variety of excellent quality of Grass Carpet also called Artificial Grass. Carpet and Flooring is the leading Manufacturer and Suppliers of Artificial Grass in Mumbai. This artificial Grass provides the best flooring experience and Surfacing idea for Grass Carpet and other activities. The Grass Carpet can be laid upon for not just indoor but even outdoor requirements.

About Our Team:

  1. The Team tests Artificial Grass Suppliers in Mumbai using Industry-leading innovation, research and development.
  2. When you choose our Artificial Grass you benefit from a well-tested and our top-performing product.
  3. Your Carpet and Flooring Artificial Grass surface will perform to your highest expectations over many years of game time.
  4. We focus on Artificial Grass quality, performance and safety attributes are independently tested, approved and certified.
  5. Our Team focuses on strict quality control over the manufacture, installation, base, surface construction and maintenance of Artificial
  6. We value our Customers and help them by providing after-sales support, as well as regular maintenance services

Artificial Grass Suppliers in Mumbai

Carpet and Flooring has come up with the idea of Artificial Grass Suppliers in Mumbai. Its aim is providing India with a platform to showcase people’s talent and perhaps help them make their way to the Indian Cricket team.

Our vision at Carpet and Flooring is quite clear, that we want the upcoming generation to witness cricket like never before. We want to give them the experience of a real cricket ground. Cricket Grass in Mumbai is a step put forward after gaining full knowledge of the business of flooring.


We at, Carpet and Flooring always seek to provide the best quality and do not compromise into it at all. In today’s competitive market, quality  helps us keep a niche in the business. Our product’s quality is superior and is also deeply inspected before qualifying it as our standard. The outfield plays an important role in the game of cricket. Hence, taking this into consideration our Grass Carpet Flooring facilitates free sliding in the Cricket Grass, running without the fear of getting slipped because of the water. The cricket grass Flooring is crafted in such a way that its grass feels soft and is of the perfect size.

Carpet and Flooring is located in Bhandup, Mumbai. It has taken into consideration the following important factors in order to flourish in the competitive market.

 These Factors include:

  • Superior quality packaging.
  • Bulk Order Capability.
  • Timely Delivery.
  • Wide Range.
  • Competitive Pricing.
  • Ethical Business Policy.
  • Wide distribution Network.

We have appointed talented group of professionals who work hard as per the need. Together, we take the ownership as well as the responsibility for a better customer service and customer satisfaction.

Carpet and Flooring has a massive experience in Artificial Grass Suppliers in Mumbai. Our customers are our family and we always establish a homely relation with our customers. Our customers should we well satisfied with our product, quality and also the cost. No compromises as of us are accepted by us from our customer.